Safe Line

Safe Line

Wild Mountain mid WR S3

Scarpone da Cava Mountain Tech
Safe Line

Mountain tech mid WP S3

safety Shoes alpine Extreme Mountain
Safe Line

Extreme Mountain mid WR S3

scarpone antinfortunistico S3 suola vibram Alpine
Safe Line

Alpine Route WR S3

Mountain safety boots,
when outdoor becomes safe!

The mountain safety boots Garsport borns as a mountaineer boots, extremely technical, lined with waterproof/breathable material and cemented with Vibram outsole with back insert for the semi-automatic crampon attachment. This shoes has been also developed as a safety product, thanks to the introdution af an aluminum toe cap and a composite anti-perfortation last. These boots are the ideal solution for all the operators who work and deal every day with high altitute and difficult mountain conditions, and need a safety product which respects the normative standards, with all the necessary key features normally required for mountaineering.

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