Manufacturer of trekking, mountain and
safety shoes

Garsport was established in 1972 by its founders, Diego Garbuio and Gabriella Favotto, two passionate craftsmen who decided to set up a small footwear production company of mountain shoes.

A never-ending commitment to quality production and research into new materials combined with constantly increasing knowledge on boots production techniques, has led Garsport to diversify their production and move into new product areas such as trekking, everyday outdoor, and safety shoes, becoming then a production partner for many of the leading brands in the outdoor and safety industry.

Thanks to an Italian-like design, always careful to market requirements and to different technical requests, Garsport has started a new endeavour in footwear with their own brand; a new line of “Garsport”-branded footwear has been launched into the market, with safety and trekking shoes, comfortable and versatile, developed for any kind of use.


The quality of the product is a key principle of the Garsport philosophy. The continuous research of new materials and the careful control on the production processes, guarantee excellent quality standards and an undisputed safety and durability of the footwear made.

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In 1972 Diego Garbuio, shoe craftsman, opens with his wife Gabriella a production workshop, in the 80s Garsport
starts the production of light trekking shoes, and then specializes in the production with the entry into the company of sons Mauro and Cristian in the 90s.

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