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All our safety shoes are manufactured in compliance with regulations and directives regarding safety at work.

In addition, thanks to the continuous research of new materials combined with our attention in the production phase, we can guarantee excellent quality standards, and an undisputed safety and durability of our work shoes.

These are the main features of our safety shoes.

Finger protection against 200J impact

Finger protection against 200J impact

Finger protection against 200J more lightness

Steel drilling sheet (1100 N)

Composite anti-drilling foil (1100 N) lighter

Leather upper

Upper in microfibre

Waterproof footwear

Upper resistant to water

Footwear with breathable characteristics for the summer period

Protection against welding sparks

Footwear with quick release hook

Michelin sole

Vibram sole


Footwear designed in Italy and produced within the European Community

Insulation from the heat of the shoe bottom

Shoe with tread resistant to + 300 ¿ per contact (1 minute)

Footwear with high slip resistance sole

Footwear with oil/acid resistant sole

Footwear with antistatic properties

Ultra-light footwear

Footwear without metal parts

Footwear with anti-torsion heel

Upper with piping and/or accessories

BOA® Fit System

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