Lightweight, comfort, high performance… These are the key elements which combine Garsport
and MICHELIN®-branded technical sole, with the unique development of this new safety footwear
The result is the new Garsport Heritage line powered by MICHELIN® Technical soles, which
presents different styles created with an exclusive design, the combination of technical and high
quality materials, and certified S1p and S3 depending on the use conditions and the needs of
the final customer.
All this is based on the brand new MICHELIN® Heritage outsole, developed exclusively for Garsport,
with an eva midsole, which stands for the extreme lightness and the excellent slip resistance,
and thanks to the anti-static compound, the oil/acid and heat (HRO) resistance, becomes
a complete and valid solution for all the multiple conditions of use.

  • MONZA S1p
  • IMOLA S3 MID  (leather)
  • IMOLA S3